• Chef Daniel of Paula Leduc

    Chef Daniel of Paula Leduc

    photography Josh Gruetzmacher

    By 5 a.m., Daniel Capra is already out the door and headed to the gym. Once there, he warms up on the speed bag and gets his heart rate pumping with a few skips on the jump rope before starting his daily 90-minute kickboxing routine with his personal trainer. After a quick shower and breakfast, the clock strikes eight,and Capra’s day officially begins in the kitchen. More →

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  • Pastry Chef Emily Lael

    Pastry Chef Emily Lael

    photography Heather Payne / words Chandara Phanachone

    Perhaps it was the selection of dainty sugar tarts filled with lavender ganache topped with the plumpest blueberries that may have caught your gaze, or the chocolate cake layered with espresso icing, rich blackberries, and sun-ripened Black Mission figs that may have stopped you in your tracks. Whatever the case, it certainly would never occur to the undiscerning eye that the smorgasbord of delectable treats would be born from a vegan and gluten-free boutique bakery situated in an otherwise nondescript industrial complex of Brooklyn, New York. Since the opening of Lael Cakes in 2011, pastry chef Emily Lael Aumiller has carved a niche in the baking world with her innovative focus on natural ingredients and original design.

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