• Nicolette Camille

    Nicolette Camille

    photography Nicole Franzen / words Chandara K. Phanachone

    Take a moment to appreciate the sensuous anatomy of a Lady’s Slipper orchid or inhale the fragrance of a budding plumeria, and you can surely understand the Dutch and their infatuation with flowers. Aside from being prized for their healing powers, flowers have long been coveted for their beauty and fragrance; often symbolic of the transient nature of life as we know it. But it was in the Netherlands during the seventeenth century, a period more commonly referred to as the Dutch Golden Age, when floral fascination soared to new heights with the great tulip speculation. During this time, the most desirable tulip bulbs commanded exorbitant market prices that exceeded the value of even the most extravagant homes in Amsterdam.

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    August 12, 2015 By Daniel Tran Artisans , ,
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