November 9, 2016

Nesa & Joe

photography KT Merry / production Strawberry Milk Events

“If tomorrow I told him that I wanted to fly to the moon, he would say “Alright, let’s make a plan.” For Nesa, it was clear that Joseph’s faith in her meant that she would spend the rest of her life with him. “He’s my rock: an unwavering love that’s solid and steadfast,” she admits. Nesa, who works at Business Roundtable as a new creative entrepreneur, and Joe, a public policy manager for Google, were introduced through social media in the spring of 2012. In that same summer, the couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance fueled by their mutual love of food, mystery novels, New York City, and the discovery of two completely different cultures. To celebrate their first Independence Day together, the couple made reservations at a high-end restaurant. However, en route to dinner, Nesa confessed that she was craving a steak and cheese sandwich from a local gas station. 

“At first, I thought maybe she was joking, but sure enough, we spent the night – Nesa in her Louboutins and dress – eating inside a gas station. It was a sight to behold. Later that night, we were watching fireworks with friends on a rooftop downtown, and I knew then that I didn’t want to spend any more time away from her,” remembers Joe, grinning.

about The Wedding

Nesa and Joe’s distinctly unique cultures made for a wedding celebration imbued with layers of meaningful cultural elements – Nesa is Iranian, while Joe is Alaskan of Irish descent. Nesa’s aunt was the officiant for the couple’s traditional Persian “Aghd” ceremony. “Persian ceremonies are very romantic with a lot of symbolism – ours included beautiful poetry by Rumi,” notes Nesa. “Another way we wanted to bring our cultures into our wedding was through food! All the fish and seafood that was served at our wedding was shipped straight from Alaska by Joe’s family. We encouraged our guests to try [everything]and taste the difference in Alaskan salmon. It was obviously a big hit!”

Nesa walked down the aisle with her father to the music of her favorite musician, Yann Tiersen, a French composer and recording artist. “The notes sound distinctively French in character with accordions thatbring out a Gallic texture, and minor keys give his music an almost subtle melancholy, yet lively tone,” says Nesa, musingly.

Nesa and Joseph immediately gravitated towards the Anderson House as the site of their nuptials. Builtmore than 100 years ago in Washington, D.C., it is considered to be the capital city’s “most fashionable mansion – a Florentine villa in the midst of American independence.” It was home to Larz and Isabel Anderson, a diplomat and author, respectively, who were affluent connoisseurs of the arts. Its eclectic interiors, dominated by English and Italian influences, boast a grand ballroom surrounded by gilded papier-mâché ceilings, extravagant chandeliers, and intricate marble floors. “It felt like we were taken away to a different place during another era,” notes Nesa. “The house is rich with such a beautiful and vibrant history. It was a home, a museum, and an entertaining space with [design influences] from all over the world, which served as the perfect backdrop for the joining of our families and cultures.” Nesa and Joe enlisted Julie Savage Parekh of Strawberry Milk Events to bring their vision to life – a decision thatsurpassed both of their expectations. When all of their guests were still in the gallery for cocktail hour, Nesa snuck down to the garden for a quiet moment to take in the scene of the reception.” I had to catch my breath. It was by far, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen,” admits Nesa.

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