April 23, 2016

The Lady In Waiting

photography KT Merry / styling Pearl & Godiva

Taking our inspiration from the Dutch masters, we came together to create transcendent reflections. Vermeer, Rembrandt, and their contemporaries captured moments—real moments—their protagonists did not gaze woodenly from the frame, posed and eyes cloaked. Instead, they captured their subject’s fleeting thoughts and emotions, rendering them in exquisite detail, embracing rawness and truth over all else.

Serene and poised—a delicate blossom—quietly she waits. Her strength belies her wrapping and bindings, yet, quietly she waits. He longs to see her, stolen glances of her solitary moments, a voyeur of her serenity. She does not wait for love, but love finds her.


fashion hairstylist /make-up sophie mcmullan from Beautisserie / florals Rubymax Lennox / paper goods moiraink design / dresses damask gown from vera wang, tadashi gold lace gown from covet.ie, maria lluisara Bel green tulle dress from myrtle ivory / jewelry kirsten hayes / bespoke veils jennifer Behr / painting, mirror rentals wildschut antiques & oddities / candlesticks, armchair and table rentals Back to style / additional decors pearl & godiva /

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