• Nesa & Joe

    Nesa & Joe

    photography KT Merry / production Strawberry Milk Events

    “If tomorrow I told him that I wanted to fly to the moon, he would say “Alright, let’s make a plan.” For Nesa, it was clear that Joseph’s faith in her meant that she would spend the rest of her life with him. “He’s my rock: an unwavering love that’s solid and steadfast,” she admits. Nesa, who works at Business Roundtable as a new creative entrepreneur, and Joe, a public policy manager for Google, were introduced through social media in the spring of 2012. In that same summer, the couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance fueled by their mutual love of food, mystery novels, New York City, and the discovery of two completely different cultures. To celebrate their first Independence Day together, the couple made reservations at a high-end restaurant. However, en route to dinner, Nesa confessed that she was craving a steak and cheese sandwich from a local gas station. 

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  • Wilhelmina & Danny

    Wilhelmina & Danny

    photography Jose Villa / productions Laurie Arons

    Whether you enlist the help of friends and family or choose to hire a professional team of vendors, selecting the right team that can bring your vision to life is crucial. After all, you are entrusting that the people you bring on board will understand your vision, and ensure that you can focus on the most important part of your special day: getting married. But not all vendors are created equal and it is important to understand what your vendor will or will not do, the scope of his/her experience, and quite frankly, if you will enjoy working with the vendor throughout the entire process. Take the time to do your homework and interview each vendor prior to bringing him/her on board.
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