Our Mission

Geraldine is a wedding publication that serves as an inspiration for couples who want to create a refined and intimate event. We curate original concepts and bring authenticity to every story.


We include inspirational editorials, artisan highlights, beauty/styling tips and tutorials, and a handful of curated real wedding celebrations.


We’re passionate about creating a fine piece of art that marries our love for timeless typography, thoughtful craftsmanship, and original prose.

Daniel Tran


As the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director,  Daniel Tran was first introduced to the fine art of handiwork and design at the tender age of 11 from his Vietnamese immigrant mother who worked as a seamstress.

Vineta Rendon

Art Director

Vineta has been trying to uncover the secrets of design, photography, and illustration since the age of 8 when she began creating home-printed business cards and simple websites for her family.

Chandara K. Phanachone

Managing Editor

As the Managing Editor, Chandara is the voice behind Geraldine Magazine, while simultaneously strategizing on social media channels.